1. B

    African Grey

    I’m a highschool student and I’ve wanted a bird since 6th grade. I’ve done extensive research on them, both the good and the bad, though I know that it can’t completely prepare me for the real thing. I was originally going to wait until I was out of college to get a bird, my goal being adopting...
  2. B

    Green Cheek Conures Breeding and Laying Eggs

    Hello, I am Bree c: I was hoping that somebody might be able to help me with my 2 green cheek conures. I have 2 green cheeks which have been breeding for quite some time now and have laid 5 eggs thus far. Although this is FANTASTIC NEWS I want to be much more prepared for when the eggs hatch...
  3. Marileen

    Hi guys😀...I'm back👍

    Hi guys😀...it's me...Marleen. I haven't been here for a long time😳.... but I missed you all😳....and I hope it's o.k. with you that I'm back😀 My grey boys Harry and Toon and my blue budgie boy LittleBob are still spoiled as rotten😂😂😂 I'm going to post some photo's of them maybe this...
  4. A

    looking to adopt your cockatoo

    Big or small. Any kind. I WANT A COCKATOO. Looking to adopt a cockatoo or a pair for my dad (yes, he has experience) not willing to spend more then $100 per bird outside of California and $200 per bird within California. They would be going to a great home don't worry. They would be absolutely...