black capped gcc

  1. J

    URGENT: Free Black Capped Conure

    Hey All, I am a new member on this forum and specifically made this account to offer someone a free black capped conure. I own two green cheeked conures and have been recently visiting my neighborhood Petco in Scarsdale , NY (near Yonkers,NY). There I have seen a black capped conure on sale for...
  2. Effervescency

    Momma needs (training?) advice for Drake

    Hello! Just joined the boards today! My black capped, Drake, is 8 months old and I'm need of some, what seems to be, training advice. We've had him 3 months, and I'm afraid he hasn't made any progress of warming up to us. We try to handle him as much as possible, sitting on the floor, the...