1. Oli

    Feather question? Black part on feather shaft.

    Hello all, long time no post. Juliet (pineapple green cheek) and I are doing well. She just celebrated her 6th hatchday recently and we are very close. I understand her very well now and pretty much all severe biting and behavioral problems have subsided with age. She recently had a yearly...
  2. generalgibby

    Back capped conure has blue on him?

    Yoshi before he molted: I have a black capped conure, Yoshi(1-2 years old). We got him from a pet store, and he had no tail feathers at the time. Over the few months he molted and has gotten a nice new set of feathers over him, but me and my mother noticed he has blue on him now?! Small about...
  3. generalgibby

    Hi hi! I’m a new Conure owner! ^u^

    We just got are first bird since I was really young! (like since I was 4-5) Our family did our research and put lots of thought into it and decided we wanted a new bird! So we got a male black capped conure, we named Yoshi. We got him from a pet store, where nobody wanted him because all his...
  4. Mekaisto

    Any black cockatoo owners out there?

    I'd love to connect with any other black 'too owners that happen to live on these boards! Although I work with two RTBs, I didn't have them from a young age, and they're not really 'mine'. They play with me, they love and snuggle and kiss me, but they spend their time at work, and I go home to...
  5. R

    Stress Bars/Black Edges

    Well, I know I'm the millionth person to post about this, but I am just out of ideas to help Pepper with his feathers! He definitely has stress bars and I just don't know why. I can hear when he's grooming that he will get to the end of his feather and kind of chew it. I wonder if that has...
  6. R

    Small black spot on bottom of foot?

    Hello! I have been browsing the forum for quite some time and finally decided to join! I have a Nanday Conure: Pepper Redpants. I adopted him from Florida Parrot Rescue, and there wasn't a lot of information about him-not sure what sex, how old, previous owners, etc. So I'm kind of winging it...