1. K

    Two of my lovebirds died suddenly after being wraped in blankets

    First we had two female lovebirds, one of them looked sick, one day she lowered her head so we took her out of the cage and cover her in blankets, for the rest of the day she seemed fine and ate well, her poop was also fine, the next day she once again lowered her head, we did the same and after...
  2. B

    Trouble covering bird cage at night

    Hello everyone! This is my first thread so I'd like to greet everyone at the forum and pose a question! I've had a pair of young budgies for about a week now and while they're slowly adjusting to their new home a constant issue has been getting the little guys to bed at night. I live in a...
  3. A

    Cotton baby blankets for birds?

    I was looking into the bird binkies for my birds because my birds get cold and like to cuddle with each other after a bath. However I thought it would be cheaper to buy the fleece myself but after some research I got a little worried about whether the fleece fabric was safe for them or not. I...
  4. Arya's Fifth Day

    Arya's Fifth Day

    Arya nibbling at my blanket...