blood feather

  1. M

    Please help blood feather

    Is this blood feather bad or will it heal on its own. It’s bleeding little by little but it’s not dripping blood. Should I pull it out?
  2. W

    blood feather?

    He hasn't had a blood feather before and I'm not quite sure if this is one can someone tell me if it is? also if it is how long do they take to go away?
  3. erin243

    Bloodfeather in a Sun Conure

    Hi everyone! Quick question - my sun conure has gotten a broken blood feather the bleeding has stopped but this is the second time in a month. The first time the blood feather came out, bleeding stopped, and everything was fine. This time we got the bleeding to stop and everything seems ok but...
  4. J

    New Cockatiel Questions

    Hi All, I'm a new bird mom... I had budgies from when I was little until about 15 years ago, and recently (4 days ago!) adopted two young (6 months?) lutino cockatiels. The first two days they were very chill, a little nervous coming out of the cage but once on your finger or shoulder they'd...
  5. J

    Feathers pulled out but with blood?

    Hello! My blue front is just over 4 years old and is experiencing a moult (I’m assuming!) and today I walked into his room, and found a feather on the floor with blood on it. Now first thing I did was panic. But there was no blood on my blue front and I couldn’t see where the feather came...
  6. Jferrand526

    First Blood Feather

    So like the title suggests I have had my first blood feather experience. Maverick, my pattagonian conure had the blood feather and with no avian vets around me that were open and no bird stores open I had to pull it out quickly because he was bleeding so much. Ultimately my sister pulled it...
  7. Violet_Diva

    Broken Blood Feather - HELP

    Gerry has broken a bloodfeather. It was the only long one on that side so I think he just managed to break it on the bars of his cage or something. It's broken pretty much right at the base and is twisted and hanging. Should I try to snip the feather shorter to try to help stop it snagging on...
  8. Itsohkai

    Broken blood feather! What should I do?

    Last night as I was cuddling with Blaze, I rubbed my thumb over one of her wings and felt something hard. I parted the feathers gently and was shocked to see a bit of blood on her. When I tried to stretch her wing out to get a better look, she instantly pulled it back with a squawk so I was...
  9. Flowerfairy136

    Broken blood feather has stopped bleeding. Do I still need to pluck or not?

    Ok my U2 Hugo has a broken blood feather on his crest. I don't know when it happened, you can't even see it when you look at him. I was holding him and petting him when I felt something hard on his feather. So I went to look and there's a broken blood feather hidden under his other crest...
  10. WannaBeAParrot

    Your Advice Needed Please - Cracked Tail Feather

    Pritti has a broken tail feather, but still attached. The I noticed it sticking out perpendicular to his other tail feathers a couple of days ago. So it's the wole feather and is cracked about .25 of an inch from his skin. He's been working on trying to get it out but it's not budging. I'm...
  11. happycat

    Molting and blood feather questions.

    I have some questions about molting and pin (blood) feathers. Ive never really known much about them but that you shouldnt break them. So when do birds molt? How can you tell when they are molting and that they arent sick? What should you do when they molt? And about blood feathers, how do you...