1. 00089

    Avian companionship

    My bird is a softbill and not a parrot, but I still want to be an active member here. I encourage you to participate in the discussion of avian companionship. I think about my relationship with my canary a lot. I have owned many pets throughout the years, several species, and there wasn't a...
  2. Fauna

    Getting him a friend?

    My baby Tiago is a 7 month pineapple conure! Im not home all of the time and ive been wondering if i should get him a friend. I dont know much of anything about bonding parrots and came to ask about it and what the best kind of age/gender/species would be best for him to bond with.
  3. L

    New Lovebird Mom!

    Hi everyone, I have just purchased two female baby lovebirds (they get along just fine as they were raised in the same home). My question is has anyone successfully been able to have their lovebirds bond with them when they have two lovebirds? I’ve heard they will bond with each other and be...
  4. N

    Cockatiel screams for attention, but decided to hate me..?

    Hey fellow parronts. I'm at the end of my wit. I got Navi about half a year ago, and she is about two months older than that. Bonding has had its ups and downs, as expected, but overall she's grown on me and I would never want a different birdie than my quirky, screamy lady. Thing is...
  5. M

    Struggling to tame budgies

    Hi, I got my first budgie on the 11th January 2020. She is okay with me touching her and will go on my finger however she started to show signs of loneliness so we decided to get another budgie for her on the 21st of February 2020. This other budgie we named Rio is so scared of humans, he hides...
  6. C

    Help needed

    Hi, I’ve had a pet Alexandrine parrot for just under a year now and we have had a good bond. I have been able to pick her up, play with her, clean her cage with no problems. However, we recently just got back from a 3 week holiday, so the bird stayed at a family members place. Since having her...
  7. yuko

    Is it possible for my bird to change his bond from my brother to me?

    My brother, my bird, and I all live in the same household but today i noticed something. I'm the one who takes care of my birds food and water, fixes things in his cage like when his toy falls down, I clean up after my bird, and spend all my time with him. I started feeding him fruit and veggies...
  8. B

    cage bound parakeet

    I bought a hand raised parakeet from a breeder almost a year ago and I'm having trouble getting him to leave his cage. When I first got him the breeder told me to regularly take him out using a towel. I did this a couple of times but he was so anxious and scared I was worried I was doing more...
  9. H

    Will a bonded pair of macaws bond to me?

    Hello everyone! I am new to these forums and Im very glad I found it. Im going to be adopting a bonded, not breeding, pair of macaws from a rescue near me and I am a bit stressed over it. I feel as if once I adopt these two, they will pay attention to each other, and ignore me/not bond as...
  10. J

    At what age do parrots bond ?

    Hi ! i am finally getting a parrot ! im so exited i have waited for this for 3 years , and have researched almost everything and even cared 2 weeks for my friends african grey ! best expirience of my life :) i still dont know which breed , i am still doubting between a blue fronted amazon...
  11. S

    Please Help!

    Hello Everyone! I am new to this website but am glad that I be a part of this group :) I got quite a dilemma. I am now the owner of a 5 month old Green cheeked conure :green1:. Someone has given him to me. He is really shy and very scared. I have held him a few time and have sat with him on my...