1. P

    Disinfecting branches?

    Hi, I’m preparing some natural branches for my budgie, but I’ve never disinfected any before and I’m not sure how to do it properly. I know that some people soak branches in bleach, or bake them in the oven but I’d like to avoid those methods if possible. I’m going to disinfect some branches...
  2. I

    Strategies for cleaning some old fig branches ?

    Hello all ! I have about a week off with school break, and figured I'd make my GCC Kermit a nice playstand. We've had some old fig branches out in our yard for 6 months that have just been screaming to be made into something awesome. The branches were from an old tree we had in our front...
  3. JennyB

    Safe Wood

    I went in to sticker shock yesterday when I went to the store to buy branches and perches for a playstand I'd like to build. Ended up leaving empty handed! :mad: Anyway, my dad is a wood turner and I'm wondering what types of sticks and branches I could ask him to start stockpiling for me...
  4. J

    Do any of your guys give your birds tree branches to chew?

    So I've been doing some work at my grandparents place and they have a young maple tree growing in there yard that they want gone. The branches are still flexible. I was thinking of chopping off a good bit of it and giving it to my birds to chew on. I know for sure that they've never used...