1. Thehuffle

    Anything I should know before getting another quaker? For my original

    I have had Huffle my male quaker for 2 years nearly 3 and he is bonded and loves to sit with me. However we have a pair of inside breeding cockatiels wich are my brothers and this year it has awakened the urge to parrot breeding which I've always dreamed of having a breeding pair of quaker...
  2. Bluberrytheparakeet

    Breeding my Budgies/ Questions I need answered before I start.

    Hello, I have their Nest box shipping to my house within this week. I will attach a photo of my pair, The male and female have recently (within the last 6 months) become sexually mature, both been vet checked and have gotten a thumbs up to proceed! I was thinking for their first clutch, I...
  3. B

    Green Cheek Conures Breeding and Laying Eggs

    Hello, I am Bree c: I was hoping that somebody might be able to help me with my 2 green cheek conures. I have 2 green cheeks which have been breeding for quite some time now and have laid 5 eggs thus far. Although this is FANTASTIC NEWS I want to be much more prepared for when the eggs hatch...