breeding season

  1. FunnyFarmAK

    HELP, Keep my CAG's from breeding

    I have a 28 yr. male and 24 yr. female, CAG's who were never friends but now I can't keep them apart. I don't want my CAG's to breed. We don't think they have bred yet but just caught them about to engage. (even out in public) We have not given them a private place or any privacy and all 7...
  2. NeverBroken

    Advice on Female U2's first(?) Breeding season

    So Miss Lola's been home with us 3 weeks now, and was an absolute doll the first two weeks. She and I got along great, but she adored my husband right from the start- even though she spent most of her time with me, as I work from home and he leaves for work each day. The last owners said she was...