broken beak

  1. I

    Struggling with feeding my injured cockatiel. Please help I don't want her to starve

    Two days ago my bird broke her wing and chipped the tip of her beak off. I took her to the vet, the wing got wrapped and they prescribed her meloxicam for the pain and a cream to prevent infection in her broken beak. Physically, she should be fine. The issues are I can barely get her to eat and...
  2. M

    Broken beak tip.

    Okay this is going to be a long story. I (or rather my baby bird) just had the most horrifying experience today. My fairly idiotic pearly conure decided to take the front door head on. Quite literally. At first i wasn't all that concerned since this was probably the 394th time this sort of...
  3. T

    Broken beak.

    Hello everybody! Our caique has broken its beak. We don't know how exactly it happened. He was flying to sit at the door and in this moment a small girl closed it. The upper part seems to be ok. The lower part lost all its kind of cover part. It went of like a cover. It was bleeding first day...
  4. keikoasmom

    Lovey's Beak has a Layer Loose

    It is a piece about 1/2" by a little more than that a flap, actually, on the upper left side of her beak. (She's a Blue and Gold Macaw) It looks clean, so I put a little Neosporin under it and gave her a soft dinner, oatmeal and pumpkin and she seems happy. She was screaming a lot earlier, and...