budgie safety

  1. L

    Budgie's wing looks different/hurt

    I find I post here way more than I should but, Dee is of course the biggest troublemaker I know of. So I went out for 3 hours and forgot to put the blanket over Dee's cage, when I was omw home I got a call from my Mum freaking out about Dee's wing/head being stuck between the bars. (He tries to...
  2. L

    How to introduce bird to the rest of my house

    Hello! I've had my Budgie for almost 3 weeks now and although he's fully comfortable with me and my room I'm wondering how I can introduce him to the rest of my house. My main concern is that he will get spooked (I have 2 dogs which he's comfortable with unless the bell rings) and frantically...
  3. L

    Budgie keeps chewing foot tag

    Hey guys! I have a 9 week old baby budgie (first bird) and I've noticed he tries to chew off his little foot tag. I don't think he'll get any bigger (already fairly big for a budgie imo) and was wondering if it would be better to just take it off? The reason im asking is because I've read it...
  4. L

    Budgie hit wall

    Hi, sorry if this is wrong forum area but I got a budgie 3 days ago and today I started to leave door open for a bit. My dog ended up in the room with me for a bit and someone rang the door leading the Budgie to fly around hitting the roof (popcorn) and walls. Im so scared he may have hurt...
  5. R

    Budgie Rescue

    Hello All, I've been working at a parrot sanctuary in southern California for 3 years now and I've been around all types of birds from parrotlets to black palm cockatoos, and I have a good idea of how to take care of birds, however I have never dealt with injured birds to this extent. When an...
  6. H

    Male Budgie Agression Towards Mate

    Hi all! New to this forum and I'm hoping I can get some insight. We have 3 budgies at home and 2 of them, Igor (m) and Shiva, mated. Shiva laid a clutch and we got 1 baby budgie out of it. For the last couple weeks Igor has been showing a lot of aggression towards Shiva. This was totally...
  7. Comoriri

    How to keep your little one out of danger

    Now I'm not the most experienced bird owner, but I've owned multiple budgies in the past, and I think most can agree that parakeets are one of the most fragile birds. I'm not saying all birds aren't fragile- because they are. Birds are wonderful, smart, and clever little things who'll end up in...