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    Green cheek conure possible Bumblefoot

    Hello everyone, I’m reaching out today with deep concern for my 7-year-old green cheek conure. Recently, he’s been facing a severe issue with his left foot, and I’m desperately seeking advice and insights from fellow bird lovers. The Situation: • My conure can’t stand on his left foot...
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    Budgie with huge calcified growths on feet

    Hi everyone, a friend of a friend that lives in India has a bunch of parakeets they keep in a cage outside. They sent me these pictures of one of their parakeets with these huge calcified-looking growths on their feet and I?ve searched the Internet for what it could be but I can?t find anything...
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    Possibly early bumblefoot ? Advice needed

    Hi all , I’ve recently seen a post online about bumble foot and I’m suspicious that one of my fids may have it. I will attach pictures if any one of you reading this have seen or had experience with bumble foot before. It seems like a very early stage. I’m suspecting it’s probably due to the...
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    (Not so?) Injured foot.

    Amigo, my green cheek conure seems to have injured his foot and I do not know what to do. First I got really concerned and was going to rush him to the vet but looking at forums made it seem that the vet would want to do expensive x-rays or give him antibiotics. Anyways his behavior also makes...