cag african grey congo

  1. threat2society

    CAG acting weird?

    hi guys. in need of help again... my CAG keeps doing this weird thing where she starts panting and pacing around (I'll attach a video). she's definetly not hormonal since she's just 6 months old. i have no idea what's causing this because it just happens randomly. she does this several times a...
  2. threat2society

    CAG keeps asking for food

    i have a 5 month old CAG and everytime i give her breakfast or dinner she doesn't eat it all and comes flying to me begging for food. i try taking her back to her bowl, but she just comes to me again. I'll attach a video.
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    Lil caretaker feed his clutch mate
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    Baby Jordan
  5. R

    ISO reputable Congo African grey breeder

    I’m looking for a CAG breeder with reasonable prices! Please reply to this if you have any suggestions. They must ship since I can’t travel out of state (Pennsylvania). Thank you!
  6. Me And Baby Boy

    Me And Baby Boy