1. SavanahSkye

    Seeking Macaws/Breeders in Canada...

    Hi there, I'm looking for a Hahn's macaw Breeder in Canada. Does anyone know of someone?
  2. ScooterMcTavish

    New Canadian Member

    Hi All, I'm here by referral of my daughter, Maple 128 who just signed up a few weeks ago. After a long decision-making process, we decided to get a parrot back in November, and had attempted to find a mature bird to rehome, or a rescue. Unfortunately we ran into the same issues others have...
  3. C

    Hey from Canada, the lands of polar bears and igloos!

    :grey: Jk, we only have igloos and polar bears up north, I don't even know if we have polar bears actually... Well I'm new here and thought I'd say hey to all y'all fellow bird lovers and owners!:white1: So basically I have one bird. Its all I have space for with my other pets living around me...