1. P

    candle and birds

    hey yall so birds were fine after the gasoline spill and before i say the next thing, my family doesn't listen to anything I say and keep telling me "noooooo they're finneeee" I'm also 14 (hence is why they don't listen to me) and my mom and sister keep telling me in overdramtic. So basically...
  2. S

    Are these bird safe?

    My birthday was a few days ago and I received candles (I love them, but I stopped lighting them for my bird). My friend said she apparently lights them around her animals and it’s safe, and I was wondering if they are parrot safe as well? Bloomfield Brand Soy Candles - Phthalate free - Paraben...
  3. happycat

    can I use Mia Bella candles?

    We are moving soon and my mom wants something to make our new apartment smell. Are they safe for birds? Also would it have to be in a different room then him? What other things do you use to make your house smell good without hurting your fids?