1. Puki

    Conure ate sour candy

    this sounds really dumb, but a bag of sourpatch kids was left out and little sebastian naturally found his way into it while i wasnt paying attention. I know parrots can have a little bit of sugar and be fine but its the malic acid im worried about. I haven't found anything about parrots eating...
  2. clark_conure

    never eat skittles candies near a conure....

    I should probably post this to one of thos crazy conure threads but none on the active page right now.... so I was laying on the floor watching something on my phone when my youngest, General Zod thought....those look like treats (skittles candies)..... Before I realized she put her head in...
  3. C

    Can Green Cheeks have Starburst candy?

    My Green Cheek Conure Drago almost grabbed a mini Starburst but I took it from him, so that got me thinking if it would be harmful to him if he ate it?
  4. What Candy

    What Candy

  5. What Candy

    What Candy