1. generalgibby

    Back capped conure has blue on him?

    Yoshi before he molted: I have a black capped conure, Yoshi(1-2 years old). We got him from a pet store, and he had no tail feathers at the time. Over the few months he molted and has gotten a nice new set of feathers over him, but me and my mother noticed he has blue on him now?! Small about...
  2. generalgibby

    Hi hi! I’m a new Conure owner! ^u^

    We just got are first bird since I was really young! (like since I was 4-5) Our family did our research and put lots of thought into it and decided we wanted a new bird! So we got a male black capped conure, we named Yoshi. We got him from a pet store, where nobody wanted him because all his...
  3. S

    Suki, my first and new white capped Pionus

    I am thrilled to have my first pet parrot in my life. She is a white capped Pionus and her name is Suki. She is such a sweet heart, although she is only 1 year old, things could change but I hope not. Suki is like velcro. She follows me everywhere, always wants to be with me. I never...