1. cardinalMom

    Amadeus, goodbye my sweet ruby.

    Hello everyone, I want to thank you for the advice you have shared with me as my family and I went out the journey with a our sweet cardinal Amadeus. Some of you may remember that we first met Amadeus living at a pet store in Germany in November of 2019. He seemed fairly content but it didn't...
  2. cardinalMom

    Anastasia flew away a day after we got her :(

    Hello, I just want to share what happened to us with people who might understand. My name is Samantha. I am not here too often because my beautiful Ruby Amadeus is a Northern Red Cardinal. We live in Germany and welcomed him into our family February 2020 after finding him at a pet store. We...
  3. cardinalMom

    Cardinal might have Conjunctivitis

    Good Morning, It has been a long time since I checked in here. Our cardinal Amadeus has been thriving since we welcomed him in February. However I noticed today that he has a small bump under one of his eyes. I am not sure if he could have accidently hit himself or if he has an infection. We...
  4. cardinalMom

    Introducing myself and Amadeus

    Hello everyone, I hope to visit and get advice here frequently. My name is Samantha and I live in Germany with my husband, baby daughter and two guinea pigs. I am from the United States and had the good fortune of growing up in Wisconsin where cardinals were frequent visitors in our backyard...
  5. cardinalMom

    Cardinal as domestic pet?

    Hello everyone, I am very new to this forum and because there isn't much information about this topic I would like to get some advice here. I live in Germany. Cardinals are unknown here as they do not exist in the wild, but I have a deep love and appreciation for them because I am originally...