ceiling fan

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    Cockatiel keeps trying to fly out of her room

    My house is as bird safe as it can be, no nonstick pans, no candles, etc. But the only thing I can't change is the ceiling fans. I constantly have to duck out of the room so she doesn't fly on me or fly out. I've broken a ceiling fan from stopping it because my cockatiel kept trying to fly onto...
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    Green Cheek flew into ceiling fan

    So my 11 month old Green Cheek Conure, who I've been attempting to flight, got spooked and flew frantically into a mid-speed ceiling fan, then flew back down and landed onto a table. She had a line of dust on her head, presumably from the blade- but she isn't showing any signs of injury or...
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    Ceiling Fan Horror

    It was another steamy Gold Coast day. My apartment had no aircon yet had two very powerful high speed ceiling fans. Frankie was about 6 months old. The rule was if Frankie is out of her cage, doors/windows are closed and of course the ceiling fans are completely switched off. Well I had gone...