1. C

    Quiet Green Cheeked Conure

    Hi everyone, Just curious.... I have a 6yr old Green Cheeked Conure called Chocky and he's very quiet. He's always been quiet except for when telling the vacuum or the mower to be quiet. He likes silence. I work during the days so he spends a lot of time alone, he comes out wearing his Flight...
  2. happycat

    Some more green cheek questions

    I think I know I want a green cheek conure now (ive been doing a lot of GCC research in the past week or 2) but I have some more questions (still might want a parrotlet or cockatiel) Whats the youngest,and best age to get them at where they aere eating themselfs? How can you tell if its a boy or...
  3. happycat

    Is a Green Cheek Conure good for me?

    Does a GCC fit in with how I live you think? I am at home most of the day so I could give it as much attention as it needs. I live in a house with 2 cats and a dog (small pomeranian)and a hamster. I can tolerate noise as long as its not constant and it cant be ear shattering loud. Im used to...
  4. Kiwi


    A sweet Green cheeked conure named kiwi she's 2 years old but I've only had her for a few weeks. She's seems to love the camera. ;)