chewed feathers off

  1. L

    Advice for Unusual Self-Destructive Macaw

    I own a verified male blue and gold macaw named Jessy. I adopted him from a non-profit zoo in south Texas where he has lived since 2013. I worked at that zoo for 2 years from mid 2016 to early 2019. He bonded to me while I was working there and I ended up adopting him before moving to Oklahoma...
  2. veimar

    Red Rump help!

    Hi everyone, sorry I've been missing so long, but my birds were doing great. Except today when I came home after 2 days away. :( We have to leave our birds for up to 48 hours once in a while, and it never has been a problem. This time I came home to discover my new red rump girl Onyx (we had...