1. Z

    Cockatiel with soft chirp. Possibly sick (?)

    I’ve been worried about my cockatiel for a little while now. She was doing this growl sort of thing for a couple weeks, but I think that was my fault for giving mixed messages on if it get her what she wants or not. Tuesday, though, I did spent a few hours in a different room, and, when I found...
  2. M

    Baby green cheek concern!

    I recently brought 5 week old green cheek home to finish hand feeding. The first few days while he was getting used to his new environment he was very quiet in and outside of his nesting box. He's now 7 weeks, in a large container with a smaller closed warm box inside, and a light that points...
  3. J

    **Shocker** LuLu talked!

    Ok so today I was cleaning out all my bird cages and the budgies were being particularly noisy today. The way my room is setup (until I move into the new place) LuLu can pretty much get around the entire room without flying as her wings are REALLY clipped. LuLu is still settling in so she hasn't...