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    New macaw and 1st time avian owner

    Hi all. I have a few questions regarding the young scarlet macaw that I adopted this past week. I've done a lot of research, just trying to put it all together. He's 5 months (roundabout) old, wings were clipped before I had met the prior handler. He came from a home with a 7yr old B&G (which...
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    Training tips for hyper bird?

    So I have my new Kakariki and my new Turquoisine. They are both wild. The Turq is a year old but no matter their age they are pretty much gonna be a bit skittish. He runs away in the cage, I grab him (with soft gloves) and then put him on my uncovered hands and he will stay and then fly away and...
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    My lovely Sun conure <3

    Hello! I thought I'd introduce myself to you all as I am the very proud owner of a Sun Conure. She is 14weeks old and I will have had her for a fortnight this coming Sunday. I have always wanted a sunny since falling in love about 5yrs ago but was never in the position to have one. My...