cockatiel breeding

  1. L

    Help! Cockatiels chronic egg laying syndrome

    Dear experts, My friend's beloved cockatiel Piku has been living with her for 8 months. She has many toys to play in her cage and does not have a mate. Approximately 28 days ago she laid an egg and kept laying 5 eggs each day. She carefully sat over them as my friend arranged a box for her. We...
  2. L

    Young Male Clear Pied Cockatiel Wanted

    Hello! I have been searching for a newly weaned clear pied male cockatiel for months now and have yet to find any. Every breeder I have contacted has either not replied or has told me they do not have any tiels at all available. I have never seen a clear pied for sale but I really love them and...
  3. L

    Reputable Breeders in Northern California

    Hi everyone! I am interested in getting a young cockatiel but have been having a hard time finding reputable breeders near me. Any advice? Also, I have found lots of companies that ship the birds to you, but my instincts tell me that these breeders are likely not reputable/that it is...
  4. R

    Cockatiel Chick Problems?

    Hello, I am relatively new to cockatiel chick raising and currently have three chicks who are at least 1 week old. I previously had 5, but 2 had unfortunately passed away in the nest. I didn't know at the time that it was important to clean out the nest, as I was under the impression that you...
  5. Siorys

    6/7 month cockatiel shows both male and female breeding behaviours?

    Hello! I recently got a new tiel and now that it's growing up it's confusing me loads. I noticed that he "relieves himself" on objects like a male cockatiel would do and he'sstarting to sing too and is really really attention seeking and noisy, but for some reason he shows some female...
  6. H

    Caught my cockatiels trying to mate, need advice incase they succeed!

    I recently adopted two cockatiels to join my flock, I already had one male cockatiel and the previous owners believed these two to be male as well. However after they had settled in I was confident from their body language that I'd adopted a male and a female. Today I spotted him trying to mate...
  7. socktheconure

    [HELP!] School Cockatiels are Incredibly Aggressive

    Hello everyone! I recently joined this forum as I seek what I feel is urgent- I need help figuring something out. My school has a Veterinary Pathway. We have a Vet Lab, which is dedicated to multiple incredibly healthy animals- except, not all of them are healthy. We have a pair of cockatiels...
  8. D

    Whiteface+Pearl=Normal grey cockatiel?

    I'm confused right now. I bred a whiteface male and a female pearl and I ended up with a normal grey female cockatiel. I thought the baby would be a pearl, whiteface, or a whiteface pearl. Could someone please explain how this happened?:confused: