cockatiel cage

  1. I

    Cockatiel cage aggression, normal?

    Hello all! Just recently adopted a cockatiel (about 3-4 months old). He's had his wings clipped before we got him but they're slowly starting to grow back so he can fly pretty far and likes to test his skills by flying to random areas whenever he wants to (but he sometimes fails to grasp onto...
  2. Rico_Tiel

    Cage Inspiration?

    I'd love to see all of your cage setups! tomorrow I am rearranging my poopy bird's cage and would love to use some setups for inspiration! afterwards, I will post a pic of his cage and you guys can rate it out of 10 or give some tips! thank you all in advance!
  3. pikachuthecockatiel86

    New cage for my cockatiel

    Hello. As you can tell by my username, I have a cockatiel named Pikachu. When we got him we had to go with a budgie cage because there weren't any bigger or better cages in the place we got him from. So I'm looking to buy a new, bigger and better cage online. I'm sure he's not enjoying his...