cockatiel color mutation

  1. KingTiel

    Cockatiel Mutation?

    Anyone have any solid guesses into what mutation Snowy may be? Excuse the pink tail, its from his/her favourite perch. Quite a white chest and belly, White along the sides of each wing and then a light grey for the rest of the top half of its body. Thanks everyone!
  2. L

    New Cockatiel

    Hello, I just got her today. She is extremely friendly. Her name is mimi. She is looking a bit bored though. I am posting a picture. Can you please tell whether her beak and cere look fine or not? If yes then I can place her with my other birds. Right now she is in separate cage...
  3. D

    Whiteface+Pearl=Normal grey cockatiel?

    I'm confused right now. I bred a whiteface male and a female pearl and I ended up with a normal grey female cockatiel. I thought the baby would be a pearl, whiteface, or a whiteface pearl. Could someone please explain how this happened?:confused:
  4. veimar

    Stupid question about cockatiels :)

    I already have 4 smaller birds and have been contemplating about a cockatiel, but I thought my hubby would kill me if I got another bird. :D (he likes to sleep in late, and they can get really loud in the mornings) We went to clip Parry's nails yesterday and there was a lady with two...
  5. Q

    What Cockatiel Mutation is this?

    I have a 5 month old female cockatiel (so I am told) and I wonder what color mutation she is. She has dark eyes with no red that I can see. If anyone could tell me that would be awesome, thanks!