cockatiel owner

  1. B

    Need help making a bird hand reared again.

    Hi. Last year I was given a cockatiel by my grandparents, the bird was hand reared from birth and use to be a very friendly bird. The last owners of the bird, however, did not know how to properly take care of a friendly bird and would often grab it harshly to pick it up, which must have made...
  2. NikkarrNinja

    Aggressive Cockatiel

    Hi, I have a Male cockatiel called Coco, he's around 2 years old now. He's normally a lovely chap, always following me around, watching what I'm doing whatever room I'm in and the occasional scritches. He loves to play peekaboo and shout Pretty Pretty Coco at the top of his lungs. He's a little...
  3. C

    Help! My cockatiels keep biting each other

    So before I adopted my cockatiels Pickles and Kea. They’ve been together for quite some time. At first they would fight here and there but I would brush it off. But now Pickles will bite Kea for no reason and would bite Kea so hard, he make this little noise almost like a scream because it...