1. L

    Searching for Cockatoo eggs from legitimate breeder

    Hello everyone, I am currently searching for cockatoo eggs. I have been doing research on breeders but most are international and likely scams from what I’ve read online. I have an incubator and I’ve raised birds and poultry before. Does anyone know of a legitimate breeder in the US (Preferably...
  2. alsonlupin

    something about Blue

    hi guys! First of all, I want to THANK YOU for all your supports and advises and kindness. I read every message carefully. I’m so glad to have you guys in my life. And I am so lucky to find this forum. You guys have no idea how parrot forums are in china. There are full of dealing messages and...
  3. alsonlupin

    i want to rescue Blue

    I'm new in this Forum, just registered today. we recently moved to a new office. there is a coffee shop nearby. They own a cockatoo named Blue. Blue is 4 years old and he/she was dumped by his/her owner for about a year. now he has feather picking issue for about 8 month. I want to rescue...
  4. Wild Gang-gang Cockatoos

    Wild Gang-gang Cockatoos

    This picture is taken by my cousin who lives in Melbourne , VIC and they were lucky enough to have these couples to breed in their backyard
  5. A

    Leg Bands

    Hello, So a month ago we adopted a U2 and is just a sweetie, but Tane's (Ta-ney) back story is quickly falling apart. I was finally able to get pictures of Tane's leg band to read it (on Tane's left leg) not sure if that means anything or not,but I'm confused and not sure where to look or how to...
  6. GracelynNBirds

    Colorado Cockatoos

    Hello everyone. I hope you guys are doing very well! For a while now I think I would love to adopt a Galah from a homeschooled Christian family. (I am homeschooled and Christian). Anyways, I think I would trust them but has anyone adopted a parrot from them or know anything about them? Thanks...
  7. P

    need some opinions

    How common are Rose Breatsed Cockatoos/Galah in the USA and any opinions on having them as pets we just adopted a 5yr old female from a situation where a lady had 36 birds and gave her up but owned her parents we paid $2652 pricey I know but we couldn't leave her at the petshop we own 2 green...
  8. C

    Hello and Help

    Hi there, My names Clare and I am from the UK. I have recently met someone that has a Major Mitchell's Cockatoo that was re-homed from a friend of his. She is unintentionally being neglected through his ignorance of birds. I have done a lot of reading on her breed and realize these birds are...
  9. B

    Toy suggestions for Umbrella CockAtoo

    Hello I was looking for some "homemade" toy ideas that would be safe for our U2. We are just adjusting to each other and she seems to love to play! She loves toilet paper rolls and keeps throwing them at us laughing the whole time! Just looking for inexpensive things we can give her to keep her...
  10. F

    Conservation Outrage: 54,000 Wild-Caught Parrots & other Birds Sold as “Captive Bred”

    Conservation Outrage: 54,000 Wild-Caught Parrots & other Birds Sold as “Captive Bred” Hi All, Although revised airport security procedures have cut down on animal smuggling, wildlife criminals continue to circumvent the law in other ways. Much as is done with “dirty money”, wild-caught...
  11. Jillian

    Macaws or Cockatoos

    Hi everyone, i am new here :) I'm Jillian, I'm soon to be 17 on thanksgiving day. I have experience with large parrots, from age 12-15 i worked at a parrot rescue rehab clinic. I'm ready to actually own my own parrot, the reason being is because they help me with my problems- i have a medical...