1. MarciaLove

    Sugar upside down on sisters head for contest!!!!!

    Here is Sugar my amazing BCC on my little sisters head upside down!!!! Do me a favor and click this link and LIKE the pic for the contest please!!!!
  2. happycat

    Please vote for my hamsters on a cutest pet contest!

    This is pretty random since this is a parrot forum XD But can you guys please vote for my hamster babies on a pet picture contest? Vote - Cutest Pet Contest Thanks :yellow1:
  3. K

    Bird photo contest

    Hi guys, Photo contest "Dancing Birds" for bird lovers around the world started on 15 April on Pets Area: Photo Contest 'Dancing Birds' The winners will get the great prizes offered by Join the contest, vote for photos, invite your friends and have fun :)
  4. K

    Photo contest for parrot lovers

    Hi guys, Photo contest "Me And My Bird" among bird lovers around the world started on 14 Oct 2009 on Pets Area. The three contest winners will get Pele Playstand, Canopy Bird Tent and Spiddy Bird Toy by ZooMax offered by In order to participate in this contest you need to...
  5. K

    Photo contests for bird and pet lovers with prizes

    Hi guys, I have organized photo contest "Most photogenic pets" for bird and pet lovers around the world and found sponsors for it. You can join competition, upload pet photo and get t-shirts, pillows or wall calendars. The photos will be voted on by the community. You can ask your friends to...