conure not eating

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    Green cheek conure possible Bumblefoot

    Hello everyone, I’m reaching out today with deep concern for my 7-year-old green cheek conure. Recently, he’s been facing a severe issue with his left foot, and I’m desperately seeking advice and insights from fellow bird lovers. The Situation: • My conure can’t stand on his left foot...
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    Sun conure terrible appetite

    New member: I have a wonderful and very bonded-to-me sun conure. He’s about 4 and I got him as a weanling. He’s energetic and Fun and spends a lot of time with me. Recently he started acting “off”. And I noticed he was acting “puny” with fluffed feathers. I called a random breeder I found...
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    8 week sun conure not eating - is this behaviour normal?

    Hey guys!! About two days ago I purchased a 7-8 week old sun conure. Very cute but he’s not really playful yet...he’s mostly sleeping all of the time or sitting on my shoulder doing nothing. My bird is always sleeping is this normal? The bird also never really eats himself, he tries to but...