1. 4 way borbs

    share some memes!

    share your meme's! heres are mines
  2. F

    Hooded Crow Care: keeping One of the World's Most Intelligent Birds

    While the term ā€œmost intelligentā€ will be questioned by some parrot owners, a lifetime of working with birds in zoos and at home leaves me in favor of granting several Corvids (crows, ravens, jays and their relatives) that honorā€¦no disrespect to the amazing abilities of other birds! My...
  3. WannaBeAParrot

    Safety Question: Is he safe from hawks and crows while on shoulder outdoors?

    There are all kinds of critters flying and funning around where we are vacationing in rural upstate New York mountains -- lots of black crows and, I imagine, hawks, owls, etc. If Pritti is on my shoulder, should I consider him he safe from a predatory bird swooping down to get him off me. Do...