1. Late Night Cuddles

    Late Night Cuddles

    The sun goes down and guess who shows up? Miles the cuddlebug!
  2. 20210630_133933.jpg


    Cuddle time! I love this little guy soooo much!
  3. 20210817_085519.jpg


    Spoiled...not quite rotten, but definitely spoiled.
  4. lisazartsi

    Baby Cuddles

    Piña (our pineapple GCC) is now about 14 weeks old and her personality is really coming out. She loves being the center of attention. She plays very well in her cage with her toys and does this adorable cheep when she finds one of the little treats I've hidden in her foraging toys. We have her...
  5. S

    No matter how cuddly they are, you do not want to ever go through this tragedy!!

    It has taken me over a year now to post the truth to you all. My beautiful beloved Frankie flew to heaven.. the horrible thing is... IT WAS 100% PREVENTABLE!! Now, Frankie was my little GCC. She was my absolute everything. Unfortunately, I literally smothered my girl to death! I was always...
  6. S

    Conure Cuddlles

    When I first got Frankie (green cheeked conure) she was very against my partner. I used to snuggle with her at night and when my partner would come into bed, Frankie would wake up and squawk at him loudly .. One time, Frankie even attacked him and made his neck bleed. My partner began to get...
  7. Y

    Pickles <3

    just some pics of my lil felluh. he loves loves loves being petted:D