cute boi

  1. ImaParrot

    My heart melted

    The other day I was trying to put Elvis back in the cage. He was sitting on my hand in the most adorable way, but when I put my hand in the cage, he ran up my arm. I leaned against a toy and just stood there for maybe 15 minutes, singing Always on My Mind and Can't Help Falling in Love With You...
  2. E

    Is this ok?

    my male conure enjoys sitting on me and recently has gotten very comfortable…. too comfortable. Hes falling asleep! Though its cute I want to make sure im not re-enforcing bad/frowned upon behavior by letting him continue.
  3. Grey pic

    Grey pic

    Greyscale astro
  4. Cute close up

    Cute close up

  5. Astro lookies

    Astro lookies

    Astro sussing the camera out!
  6. Angelina.M.

    Gru the green cheek conure being his sweet self ❤❤❤

    Gru and hubby spending some quality time together he's the sweetest bird we just love him to pieces 🥰❤
  7. Lick


    Booboo the quaker having a sip