1. Rico_Tiel

    So many pellet options, what do I choose?

    Hello! I have come to realize my bird isn’t a huge fan of Psittacus pellets but I like the brand. Sadly he just doesn’t like the pellets anymore so now I just have 4 pounds of pellets he doesn’t favor. He will eat it but prefers other brands. So, when he finishes the bag, I’m going to get him...
  2. H

    in between two birds!

    Hello my name is Dorian and I had a love bird when I was younger. It was hand fed and I don't remember it being really afraid of me. It was my second bird because the one that was originally sold to me was so sweet and tame but died like a week later from unknown sources so they gave me the...
  3. R

    Opinion on arrangement for new bird(s).

    Please don't judge immediately about the fact that I am asking this question so soon after Cleo. :23::19_indiff This has been a difficult week already. So let me explain: 1. Merlin has been crying so much that he has made more noise the past 2 days than the entirety that I owned him and Cleo...
  4. S

    Made my decision!

    I thought since you've all been so friendly and helpful I'd let you know that I made my decision. I was in the breeders home and he shown me both and I knew instantly which was the bird for me. Lola the green-wing macaw should be home on Wednesday :D As a new macaw owner and always eager to...