1. PipnMe

    HELP PLEASE! desperate bird Mom!!!

    Hi all! I’m having a bit of trouble with my GCC. He/she is 1 year old. He is a good little bird, sweet and loving, but HE WONT POOP IN HIS CAGE! I’ve done everything. I bought him a day time cage because I thought maybe he didn’t like pooping where he slept, that didn’t work, I stoped letting...
  2. F

    (DALLAS TX) Very dire & urgent need of new home for budgies!

    (This is probably going to be long, sorry.) Hello. I am sad to say that my joining here is for help in a currently grave effort to rehome our 3 budgies. We are no longer able to care for them properly, and they are not doing well with us anymore. My husband had to get a work-at-home job after...