1. psitticine

    Quaker biting

    Hi guys, I made a similar post before but there have been slight changes since then so I have new questions! If you commented on the original post, welcome back to the saga! My adorable Quaker, Rainy (unsexed, 7mo) started biting excessively a few weeks ago. A lot of the time she starts as soon...
  2. C

    Corella Discipline

    Hello, very recently my boyfriend got a pet Corella. When I would play with him, he would occasionally bite or squawk loudly at me, so I'd give him a little tap on the head (I've owned dogs for years and this is common practise for dog owners). But I recently found out this is a big no-no for...
  3. K

    biting and growling a lot

    hello so my electus parrot's name is Chappo... we bought him a bit over a year ago from a flea market and aren't too sure how old he is... he seemed full grown when we got him and he was able to speak a lot of works, he knew step up, and he was potty trained.. anyway... he has always been...
  4. M


    How do I tell a conure "no" to keep it from doing something again? I get bit sometimes and I want them to know that I don't like it. I have two and they're both green-cheek conures. Also, is there a way to keep them quiet if they have a random chirping spree? I don't want to use food as a means...