dog vs. bird

  1. T

    Introducing my budgie to our puppy

    So I have a year old budgie parakeet I have had him since August of 2019. I have been living at an apartment and going to college but moved back home for a few months due to the recent COVID-19 shutting down my university. The problem arose when my parents got a 11 week old Australian Shephard...
  2. K

    African Gray and newly acquired dog - suggestions for getting aquatinted

    Greetings, new to the forum and looking for information and suggestions to get my 20 yr. old gray to get acquainted with our newly acquired 4 year old Samoyed. We have had 2 “Sammy’s” that had no issues with be around the bird as we raised them from puppies. Our dog which was raised from a...
  3. Jessie

    When Nanday's attack!!!

    So my Nanday Rio is being a butthead. He's not attacking me or anyone in my family but my dog. I have a Mini Schnauzer and an Aussie. He leaves my Mini alone but loves to torment Luna my Aussie. Luna is as sweet as can be and doesn't even bother Rio but no matter where Luna is Rio attacks. He...