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    Kissing,dominance and dry retching questions

    My green cheek absolutely loves to kiss us! But he always wants to kiss on our mouth?.. When my son goes to kiss him on the head he will move so he gets him on the beak, is he just sweet or is it a dominant thing? He has been trying to sit on top of my head a lot lately I was told not to let him...
  2. K

    little nibbles

    ive had my bf amazon for about 4 months now he is only 7 months old all in all. he has settled in nicely .loves to scream and whistle .he is tame comes to my hand and does a few tricks . sometimes when i get him out the cage he tends to bite my fingers not extremly hard but enough to feel it ...
  3. B

    New military. Loves family, is mean to my wife.

    Hello, I am a new member to this forum -as well as a first time Macaw owner. We acquired a four year old female Military almost two weeks ago. After talking at length with some breeders/macaw trainers at an exotic bird fair, we were confident in our handling and care of our beautiful new family...