1. Rico_Tiel

    Check out some of what I have drawn, painted, and some coloring pages I have filled in!

    These are my favorite art pieces! (Excluding the Astronymphicus, it already got its own page) So, here is what I have done! 1. DYHA 2. Blue and Gold Macaw 3. Harlequin Macaw 4. Palawan Peacock Pheasant 5. Lutino Cockatiel 6. Cockatyvern (Cockatiel Wyvern) 7. Military Macaw 8. Blue Footed...
  2. R

    Peach Faced Lovebird Animation

    Little animation I did -> More art on JustPeachy_Draws on insta <3
  3. KakaoTalk_20211223_220816004.jpg


    I like to draw.
  4. ravvlet

    Inktober Parrot doodles!

    Hey guys! I am participating in inktober this year and would love to draw your parrot! Please drop a photo here if you’d like me to draw them. Here are the ones I’ve done of our birds: I might do some in color too if I have the time.
  5. G

    Where to post art?

    Hi there! I’m new and would love to share my art and I was wondering where it would be best to! What forum and subsection it would go under?
  6. O

    General art & drawing thread?

    I'm surprised there's so little of threads like these! I'm new here so I'm not quite sure where to post this, decided I'd just go with off-topic (though my drawing is of a bird!) I guess feel free to post your own drawings & artwork, if you'd like, as well? Drawing I've done of my new cinnamon...