eating less

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    I'd Like To Order One Picky Budgy, Please!

    My budgie Cooks has given me no end in sight to his picky nature. :p For a few days my budgie stopped eating almost entirely. At first, I was naturally concerned - illness, crop impaction, stress, upset digestion... Even if he showed no other signs of an illness, I scheduled a vet visit...
  2. J

    Young cockatoo not eating

    Hello, I have a 9 month old umbrella cockatoo. I've had her for a little over 2 months now and I'm struggling to get her to eat When I first got her she would eat but not that much which I was told was somewhat normal for a young cockatoo. She eats Pretty Bird Natural Gold, Fruit Zupreem and...
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    Baby African grey not eating as he used to

    Hi, we are raising a baby African grey and I have some concerns. He is a very healthy little baby but at 7 weeks now he has been eating quite a bit less than he used to. His poop still looks the same and he is still very playful, but he's just eating a lot less. Is this normal? Is this he slim...