egg incubators

  1. Thehuffle

    Cockatiel egg not hatched after a few days since due.

    We previously had 4 cockatiel eggs from our cockatiel breeding pair. We incubated them for 20-27 days (none of them lived) Our female had laid one random egg a few weeks ago, we put the cockatiel egg in the incubator straight away. We candled him a fair amount of times he was happy and growing...
  2. MyFeatheredFlock

    Where Can I Buy Macaw Eggs Without Getting Scammed?

    I’m trying to find somewhere that sells Macaw eggs, I recently got an incubator and wanted to hatch my own Macaw. Has anyone here ever bought parrots eggs? And if you have, where? I can’t find anywhere that seems legit online.
  3. F

    Review: Zoo Med Reptile Egg Incubator

    Hi All, Breeding reptiles is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of our hobby. It is quite important as well, as zoos have neither the time nor space to care for all the species that are, or will soon be, in need of help. Relatively common reptiles also deserve attention, as...