1. Milkteeth

    Considering an ekkie

    Hi all! So, after recently getting my first bird (a lovely little conure, she’s a delight), I’ve found that this has rekindled something of an obsession with ekkies! I met one for the first time when I was a child, she was a beautiful girl who was kept at a feed store I used to go to. I was...
  2. Dan&Rozie

    Normal beak length?

    We adopted our SIE, Bibi, about 6 months ago, and in that time her beak seems to have gotten pretty long. We’re both first time Ekkie owners so not sure if it’s normal to have their beaks trimmed on a regular basis? Here are some before and after picks about 4/5months apart. Thanks for any...
  3. I

    so... vetafarm...

    listen, i know we really dislike vetafarm here ESPECIALLY for ekkies, BUT how do we feel about occasionally giving an ekkie some of this: Vetafarm Forest Fusion Lorikeet "Formulated by veterinarians and made with fresh Australian ingredients, Vetafarm’s Forest Fusion Lorikeet diet has been...
  4. G

    Eclectus parrot not eating

    I have a four month old female eclectus parrot named Emu and today she hasn't been eating as much as she usually does. We have had her for just over a week and she had been eating fruits, seeds and veggies. Today she started eating as usual and then stopped. Since this morning she has been very...
  5. Alembic772

    Basil and Paprika

    Hello Ekkie fam. It’s been a bit since I shared some photos and news. Paprika is doing great. She’s flying around when supervised and has moved into her cage now. She is still not that sure footed but she’s only 15 weeks old after all. She gets around on her perches and boing without...
  6. E

    Ekkie Issues

    Here's my story, seeking any information you guys can provide. Beginning last July our eclectus, Charlie (hatch date 12/26/15), has been having behavioral issues (mainly feather destruction and screaming). Within the span of a few days he had gone from a beautiful green belly to tattered...
  7. J

    Common Issues to Look for in Older Ekkie?

    So my local bird store has a female eclectus that is 21 years old that someone needed to rehome. Physically, her feathers look really good but they showed me the diet she has been fed for at least the past 4 years (the person who surrendered her was the second owner so they were unsure of what...
  8. A

    Zephyr Discovers Apple Sauce

    I have just now realized that in four years of life (oh how it sneaks up on you), Zephyr has tried many a food - but never apple sauce! I myself am a big fan, and as such like to stock it around the house. Obvious solution? Give him some! It's 100% organic, just apples, water, vitamin C, so it's...
  9. T

    First time eckkie owner

    Hi guys im a first time ekkie owner and joined due to serching for some answers. Im hopping you guys will be able to help me out !! My beautiful girl got a scare and took a fall from the top of her cage ..... i poped her back up the top but once she had settled she climbed right back down to...
  10. TamLaw72

    Not his mate

    Hello! I recently adopted a 5 year old, male, Eclectus. I previously had a Congo Gray, whom I adored! Any-who, I work from home, so am usually somewhere close. The question I have is this: how can I get my boy to like me more? He seems to think that my husband is his "mate", but my husband works...
  11. B

    Help! My female eclectus is aggressive and won't come out!! ):

    About a week ago my female ekkie started becoming very cage aggressive, and refuses to come out for me. Whenever I approach her cage, she leaps onto the food bowl in the back corner and crouches down into attack mode. ): She usually comes right out for me, or if she doesn't want to she just...
  12. J

    How do you bathe your ekkie?

    I'm a new Eclectus owner (adopted him a few weeks ago) and the previous owner said she would bathe him by lightly spraying him with a garden hose outside... So I've been doing the same thing but Rio doesn't like it! How do you guys give your Ekkie a bath?
  13. Favourite Toys

    Favourite Toys

    As usual...Eddie has his face buried in toys