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english budgie

  1. vljenewein

    English Budgie ?

    I was watching a talking Budgie on Youtube, named disco, who died around 6 years old or so. It was said by one of the commentors that English Budgies do not live very long due to health issues. LINK for reference : I saw some videos of him and he had quite a vocabulary for a Parakeet...
  2. PenClem

    Cockatiel needs a pal. EB okay?

    My sister was given a tame, flighted male 'tiel two days ago. He contact calls throughout the day, presumably to his former flock mates? She says he's barely eating the food he came with and he doesn't touch anything new. I gave her some toys just his size, but he seems afraid of them. She was...
  3. PenClem

    2018 BAA Grand National, anyone?

    Hey y'all, Just wondering if any other members intend to attend the Budgerigar Association of America Grand National in Houston, TX next weekend. I've often thought about purchasing an English Budgie or two as pet(s). I just love their fluffy heads and big bodies and, of course, their ability...
  4. B

    Help me find the right bird, but tell it to me straight

    I am having a hard time figuring out which species is right for us/which one would be happy in our family. :) My bird experience: I grew up owning budgies and loved them, but have been waiting to get a bird until my youngest was school age (he just started 1st grade), and developmentally...
  5. F

    English Budgie Personality

    The English Budgie: Calmer & Quieter than the American Parakeet? I think so, anyone else? Article here: http://bitly.com/PmEsIk
  6. axim09

    English Budgie

    Hi my name is Arthur and I am new to this forum. I just thought I would share a picture of one of my English Budgies. What do you think.