eye problem

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    Green Cheek Conure suddenly has orange spot around eye

    Hello everyone, This morning I noticed a weird orange/yellow spot on the skin near my 10-year-old green cheek conure's left eye. It's only on one side, and I don't think it was there yesterday. I brought this up with my mom and she isn't that concerned over it, but I myself am worried if it...
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    Help please what's this thing in my cockatiels nostril and eye

    hello everyone, I'm new here and I need help today I got my baby cockatiel and he's 22 days old I noticed this thing in his eye and his nostril (I attached pictures) and I'm kinda worried about him having respiratory problems in the future, is he alright? what is it? I asked my neighbor (who...
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    My baby IRN is closing its one eye

    Hey everyone! So I have two baby IRN about 35 days old and Sona (the elder one he's exactly about 38 days old) and he has been closing one of his eyes for a while but it wasn't a lot and even now there is no discharge, no red-eye nothing it's just closing its eyes. Nonetheless, I was concerned...