1. Cthebird

    The way my Hahn's macaw sleeps

    Before adopting my Hahn's macaw, my husband and I had a budgie and then a Pacific Parrotlet for almost 15 years. Both slept with their head under their wing. I thought that was pretty much how all birds sleep, but my husband and I do not believe our Hahn's macaw sleeps like that. Our Hahn's...
  2. R

    Senegal face attack :(

    My newly adopted senegal is 15. Loves me from the getgo. Is very bonded to me. I just observe his behavior before petting him or picking him up or getting anything in his cage since he is temperamental. But he clung to me as his new owner which is great. His past owner said he was friendly with...
  3. L

    Badly Bruised face :(

    Hey everyone. So I have a little darling that hurt herself and of course I immediately looked up the 24 hour vet. After consulting with her, she said that she didn't think a late night visit was necessary (wow! A real vet that isn't just out for $$ especially for after hours services!!) given...