feather barbering

  1. R

    Molting or plucking??

    Does this look like molting or plucking??
  2. S

    I have a question...

    Hi folks. I'm wondering if anybody knows of an African Grey who was a chronic feather picker until given a companion of the opposite sex. I've had my 33-year old female CAG "Junior" since she was hatched, and she's been either picking or shredding her feathers for almost 30 years. According to...
  3. Mooka

    Feather 'barbering'? On another bird?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here (sorry if this post seem repetitive, I haven't really seen a post talking about it happening to another bird?) But I have two green cheeks, Kiwi and Chai In November last year I found out the Chai had been ripping Kiwi's back feathers, not pulling them out, just...