feather care

  1. R

    Destructive behavior or molting??

    Hi, I've had my GCC for nearly two years. She's been molting for a few weeks and she's had pin feathers around her head/neck and has grown in a few new wing and tail feathers. That's all been ok but I'm concerned about her back. She does have a handful of noticeable new feathers starting to grow...
  2. A

    Cause for Concern?

    Hello everyone. I bought my lovely green IRN Chief back in December and noticed a strip across his head where there are way less feathers; I wouldn't call it bald as such, but you can see the skin beneath at certain angles. After a few months now on premium seed/nut mix, an increasingly varied...
  3. A

    Help with feathers!

    Hi all! I'm looking into adopting this eclectus. It is obvious that he needs a beak trim. Besides that, I'm looking for help as far as his feathers. Right now he is on seeds and pellets, but will be switched to fresh veggies and some fruit when I get him. Is there any hope of getting his...
  4. E

    Lovebird with Broken Tail Feather

    Hi everyone, My husband's lovebird appears to have broken 2 major tail feathers some how. What should we do? Thanks for your help!
  5. E

    OVERNIGHT Sun Conure Feather Plucking + Travel issues

    Hey everyone! :orange: :p My sunny, Quinn, is turning 5 soon and previously I’ve never had to deal with any behavior issues with her; of course she screams and bites occasionally though, thats expected from any parrot companion :) When I greeted her last night she was doing perfectly fine...
  6. J

    Lovebirds breeding and price

    Hello, I am interested in lovebirds, I am a beginner so I would like to get some tips. And especially I would like to know the best price for lovebirds, differences between them, how to figure out which one is a male or a female without the DNA test. How to breed them together, how to take care...
  7. J

    Frayed Feathers

    My 13 month old green cheeked conure is in great form - flying, cuddling, eating fruit and seeds - but recently I have noticed that his feathers on his breast and back are very frayed at the ends. When he is perched on my hand and preening, he appears to use his beak like a razor on his...
  8. D

    New to the Forum and a few question about my birds

    hello everyone i am new to this site. I own two umbrella cockatoo's, Eggbert and Boo. I have had them for about a year now and recently had to separate them as they where living together in the same cage and Boo decided to pluck Eggbert"s feathers. My first question: is there any way that i...
  9. Oedipussrex

    pin feathers, grooming

    I was just wondering if there was anything i could do to help my 2yo make ekkie grow his pin feathers in. He picks and over-preens so most of them dont survive to be full feathers, is there was anything i could do to help them become full feathers? He has a shower almost every morning because...