1. H

    Cockatiel feather problems??

    Hi there, I'm new to the Forum, I hope I'm doing this right haha. I have a 7 month old whiteface fallow cockatiel named Halo, she is a great eater and is full of energy but from the day I got her I noticed her feathers were very sparse! She has a bald spot on her head which is common in some...
  2. I

    How does the ring grow in?

    Hi everyone!! I’ve owned my female ringneck since 2019 and my male since 2020. They are from the same hatch? I think it’s referred as? And are now just over 2 years old. However my male still hasn’t got his ring in yet. He is DNA tested, talks quite clearly and does heart wings so is definitely...
  3. CharlieBiiird

    Abnormal feather coloring?

    Hey everyone! I finally made an account on here to get my questions answered directly so you are active on here I appreciate all the answers and help you guys have provided me before making this account. anyway… I have a severe macaw named Charlie. He will be 5 on October 18th. Recently I have...
  4. Altalex

    My bird's feathers changed color and im worried

    I was hanging out with my two birds on the livingroom, and when it was time for bed, i noticed my eastern rosella's small feathers under his tail, werent the same color as they were before, they used to be a really bright red, but now appear orange. I went to check his last photos that were...
  5. C

    Sol to the rescue

    As you may already know from a look at my previous posts I'm the owner to a very skitish Quaker parrot named Sol. Despite months of trying to bond with her, she remains terrified of every human that approaches. Yesterday, I'd left my bedroom window open so she could get some fresh air. Her cage...