1. Tiel

    Feces test and viral/bacterial infection

    Hey Parrot Mom/Dad community! After having a talk with my avian vet I decided to deliver a feces sample to his lab, but I have a general question that I forgot to ask my vet: Can feces determine infections such as chlamydia? Or do you specifically require a blood sample for that? I really doubt...
  2. R

    Abnormal feces, red and green?

    I've noticed that my Indian Ringneck has been leaving green poop with slightly red urate. It also seems a bit watery. I've also seen him standing on one foot. He isn't sneezing, and hasn't got any nasal discharge. There seems to be a lot of downy feathers on the bottom of the cage, though he has...
  3. E

    large pale tubelike poop

    I'm worried about my macaw. She just started having large pale tubular poops. Almost like a worm. It is very firm as well. Does anyone know what this is caused by.
  4. R

    Roxy is being weird + Pictures.

    Okay so, i had Roxy (5 month old U2) since a week now. *sorry i don't know how to rotate the image here :white1:* I've noticed; 1- she sneezes 2-3 times a day. 2- she put her claws on her neck and opens her mouth wide, she does that often. 3- she thinks my fingers are chew toys, how...
  5. 1

    Parrot Droppings Question

    Hi, I have had my Blue Fronted Amazon for a little under a year now. He has been suspected to have been sick 3 times so far so he has gone to the vet three times. His previous owners were extreme smokers so when we got him he completely smelled of smoke. He finished his medication for the third...
  6. 1

    Does this amazon parrot feces look normal?

    Hi, we recently adopted a blue fronted amazon parrot and he is just now settling in. We have a completely new diet for the bird (completely different from what the previous owners fed it). We want to make sure that its feces look normal, and we do not have to take it to the vet immediately. We...