feeding a conure

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    Conure won't eat pellets...help

    Hi all, New Conure owner here. We just got him a few days ago. I gave him some Zupreen Pasta blend and zupreem sensible seeds as a mixture, and he just throws the pasta blend out and digs for most of the sensible seeds. I also gave him some grapes, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce blueberries...
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    Formula in my sun conure nose!

    Hello I just got a 6 week old sun conure form a breeder, he explained how to hand feed him and everything. When j was feeding him yesterday he shook his head and some of the Formula when into his nose I quickly wiped it off, however there’s still some in his nostril and is a hard. I don’t want...
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    Help! My conure isn’t eating his new food and is being picky! I’m very worried!

    My GCC (green cheek conure) recently ran out of food so of course I got more, but it was a different brand.(can’t remember brand but the description of what birds it was for fit my GCC) now he is being very picky so I’m worried he will starve from being too picky. Am I being to dramatic or will...
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    Is my GCC overeating? I’m scared he might get obese

    My GCC Patrick is young, only about a few months, but I’m scared he’s overeating and might get obese in the long run. I want to have a feeding schedule but I’m at school 4 days a week and nobody at my home is able to do one feeding during the day. Should I try a feeding schedule, or should I not...
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    Conure health

    Hello, 3 days ago I got a 4 week old green cheek conure and I've been hand feeding it with a syringe. Since yesterday, my bird has been opening its mouth in between feeding and since a few hours it's been opening its mouth, bobbing its head up and down and after vomiting the food I just gave it...